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We stand by the art of doing one thing really, really well - creating fantastic web experiences. Quality is our philosophy. Results drive us.

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We take care of your online world so you can take care of business. We are the perfect digital partner if you want a great website without the fluff.

Who we are

A digital partner you can rely on

Site Patrol is an independent digital agency that specialises in building and looking after websites built on the WordPress CMS.

We are more than a team of website designers and coders. We are businesspeople and marketeers with a solid understanding of online retail, shopping and economics. We can help you get more from your business online.

We build websites and look after them. We can also include branding and logo design, as well as SEO and web hosting. We can take care of everything as your digital partner. All you have to do is pay us a simple monthly fee. Easy!

our promise

To help businesses thrive online

You’re in business to make money. So are we.

Our success depends on your success. From building you a fantastic website, to making sure Google can find it and that it gets delivered to your customers with reliable web hosting, we go all in to give you everything you need to thrive.

We won’t bore you with a manufactured mission about changing lives and empowering you to do great things. All we’ll say is this -- our mission is to make great web experiences so you can sell more stuff and succeed online. Simple!

If you like our fresh-talking approach to business, you’ll fit right in with us. As your digital partner, we’ll work with you to make things work.

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our Vision

To be the best all-in-one digital partner in town

Part of the reason SitePatrol was founded as an all-in-one agency is because when we looked for website design, maintenance, SEO and hosting solutions, we found these services were only available from different service providers.

So, we thought why not bring them all together and offer a single solution?

We now offer website design, development, hosting, SEO and maintenance under one roof so you can take care of everything with one partner. This makes life simpler, and we reckon life is a whole lot better when things are kept simple.

We won’t pretend to be the only agency that offers this solution - but we will be honest and say we intend to become the best, and hard work is the key.

OUR Team

Our team includes web designers, security specialists, WordPress administrators and marketeers. We are highly skilled and highly motivated. We also love tea and biscuits, so if you’d like to meet up, we’re game. Just get in touch.

Our Philosophy


Marcus Thomas

This could be full of boring letters. C+, JAVA, CSS, CompTIA, Sec+, etc. But what does that mean for YOU absolutely nothing! I am just a nerd that is passionate about one thing success. Come book a personalized creative session with me I oversee all parts of our business and promise you one thing that you will not leave underwhelmed. Hi I'm Marcus lets chat!

We’re here to help you succeed online with a first-rate web experience.

Get in touch today to get started. You’ve nothing to lose.